Town Council Grant

The Committee have applied for and received a grant from Craven Arms Town Council for £800 as a contribution to the “CACG Regeneration” project.

“CACG Regeneration”

This grant was sought under the banner of a “CACG Regeneration” program which aims to restore the Community Garden to it’s former glory.

In recent years the Community Garden has suffered from poor security resulting in the theft of tools and produce and recurring vandalism. The first projects within the “CACG Regeneration” funded by this grant will deliver a more secure site.

This funding will also allow us to build new planters within later projects.

Thanks to Craven Arms Town Council

We are very grateful to the Craven Arms Town Council for this grant which will enable us to improve the security, the inclusivity and appearance of the Community Garden.

Progress Reports

As we complete projects within the overall program of the “CACG Regeneration” we’ll provide more posts to keep you up to date.

Call For Project Volunteers

This grant will fund the materials for several small projects and we aim to match the grant funding with at least equal value in unpaid volunteer labour from our members. If you are able to help with these projects please contact a member of the Committee.