Tidy Days

The Craven Arms Community Garden is a community asset that benefits holders of the micro-allotment plots and also brings pleasure to the wider community.

In recent years the maintenance of the communal areas has been less than desired and some parts of the Community Garden have reflected this. More recently steps have been taken to:

  • recover poorly maintained areas to their former glory
  • reduce the ongoing maintenance burden

The Community Gardens are now looking much tidier as a consequence of the work provided under the Community Payback scheme.

However, members are reminded that they are obliged under the terms of the Ground Rules for Plot Holders to contribute time and effort to the monthly Tidy Days which are held on the first Saturday of each month to coincide with the Craven Arms Farmers Market. Throughout 2014 it was apparent that only a minority of plot-holders contributed to the Tidy Days.

In order to address this issue the Ground Rules for Plot Holders document has been revised accordingly:

4. The Communal Areas of the garden need to be maintained. IT IS A CONDITION OF MEMBERSHIP THAT YOU ASSIST WITH THE MAINTENANCE FOR A MINIMUM OF 2 HOURS PER MONTH, AT THE “TIDY DAYS”. These are held on the first Saturday of each month, starting in February each year.

Plot-holders will shortly receive this revised document for signature and return in order to acknowledge your responsibilities as a member of the Community Garden.

The Tidy Days are scheduled on the first Saturday of each month from February through to at least October or perhaps November, depending on the weather, and attendance is required from 10:00 through 12:00.

You can download a PDF of the document Ground Rules for Plot Holders (revised May 2015) here.