CACG Health and Safety

Over recent weeks your Chairperson, John Wood, and I (and with the kind support of Grant Wilson, Centre Manager of Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre), have been working on aspects of Heath and Safety legislation as it applies to the Craven Arms Community Garden.

We have carried out Risk Assessments and arising from those are decisions which affect all members of CACG.

The most significant decision is that to comply with the legislation all CACG Plot-Holders and Volunteer Gardeners who want to use mowers, hedge-trimmers and strimmers may only do so once they have received training in their use.

I recognise that some of you may feel this is “yet more Health and Safety gone mad” but the legislation requires that we all conduct ourselves in a safe manner and avoid risk to ourselves and others. In many cases the requirements are not onerous and build on common sense.

A further reason for bringing up Health and Safety standards at this time is that we are seeking some external grant funding to facilitate improvements to the Community Gardens, and funding bodies typically require evidence of a stringent adoption of Health and Safety.

In due course John and myself will provide you with more information about this topic. We will also be carrying out “Safety Briefings” at the start of Tidy Days.