Tidy Day Tasks

It is a condition of membership of the Craven Arms Community Garden that plotholders contribute to the ongoing maintenance of the communal areas.

Throughout the Covid Pandemic it has been necessary to carry out maintenance in an ad-hoc manner rather than the normal Tidy Days. We are very grateful to those members who have made contributions to the maintenance throughout the Pandemic.

The list below sets out the range of routine maintenance tasks that need to be carried out.

Routine Maintenance Job List

Hedge Cutting and Trimming

  • Inner Horse Shoes
  • Perimeter Hedges – both sides

The trimmings must be taken to the Discovery Centre bonfire area.

Pathways – Weeding

  • Old pathways
  • New pathways

Grass Cutting

  • All areas
  • Between plots

Compost Heaps

  • Turning
  • Tidying

The soil must be kept away from the shelter decking wood.

Soft Fruit Ground Areas

  • Weeding and tidying
  • Pruning – at the appropriate time of the year

Inclusive Raised Beds

  • Weeding
  • Strawberry plant maintenance

New Extension Triangle

  • Weeding the perimeter hedge
  • Grass cutting
  • Old hedge trimming

Please do what you are able to assist with the maintenance tasks.