Tidy Day Tasks

It is a condition of membership of the Craven Arms Community Garden that plotholders contribute to the ongoing maintenance of the communal areas.

Throughout the Covid Pandemic it has been necessary to carry out maintenance in an ad-hoc manner rather than the normal Tidy Days. We are very grateful to those members who have made contributions to the maintenance throughout the Pandemic.

The list below sets out the range of routine maintenance tasks that need to be carried out.

Routine Maintenance Job List

Hedge Cutting and Trimming

  • Inner Horse Shoes
  • Perimeter Hedges – both sides

The trimmings must be taken to the Discovery Centre bonfire area.

Pathways – Weeding

  • Old pathways
  • New pathways

Grass Cutting

  • All areas
  • Between plots

Compost Heaps

  • Turning
  • Tidying

The soil must be kept away from the shelter decking wood.

Soft Fruit Ground Areas

  • Weeding and tidying
  • Pruning – at the appropriate time of the year

Inclusive Raised Beds

  • Weeding
  • Strawberry plant maintenance

New Extension Triangle

  • Weeding the perimeter hedge
  • Grass cutting
  • Old hedge trimming

Please do what you are able to assist with the maintenance tasks.

Security of the Community Gardens

Over recent years we have improved the security of the Community Gardens through improvements to fencing and extensions to the gates. The access gates are now routinely padlocked and secured with a key code known only to plotholders.

Unfortunately there have been some security breaches by plotholders where the shed and gates have been left open.

I must stress that it is important that the following security measures are adhered to:

  • gates must be secured at all times with the padlocks
  • the shed has a padlock which must secured before leaving the Community Garden
  • please remember to always reset the security code on the padlocks to four zeroes

This last point is vital so that no-one other than plotholders can learn the key-code.

If you need to be provided with the secure key code please let me know.

Sean Scannell, Secretary

CACG AGM 2021 – Delayed

The CACG AGM was planned for Saturday 6th February 20201.

Unfortunately because of the prevailing lockdown it has been necessary to delay the AGM until later in 2021.

The two existing Committee members agreed to continue in office to manage the affairs of the Community Garden pending re-election at the re-scheduled AGM.

At the moment there is no planned date for an AGM and this will proceed when we are free from lockdown and it is safe for members to meet.

As soon as we have a date we will let plotholders know and circulate any required documents in advance of the meeting.

In the meantime if you should have any issues concerning the Community Garden that require the attention of the Committee please contact myself or your Chairperson John Wood.

Sean Scannell, Secretary