Tidy Day – September 2015

The September Tidy Day is Saturday 5th September when once again we hope to see members of the Community Garden attend and help to maintain the communal areas.

We are still experiencing warm and wet weather and the weeds are strong.

Our main focus on the 5th September will be the following areas and tasks:

  • turning the compost
  • further weeding of the main flower bed area
  • dividing plants from the main flower bed into pots or planting in spare beds
  • de-clutter and remove the rubbish close to the shed area
  • weed and dig over vacant plots in readiness for next year
  • hedge-trimming

The photograph below illustrates the rubbish that has accumulated in the shed area.

Community Garden Rubbish August 2015

Community Garden Rubbish August 2015

The photograph below illustrates the compost area and the weeds that have grown up in front.

Community Garden Compost Bins August 2015

Community Garden Compost Bins August 2015

If the weather is against us and it rains then there is polytunnel work to be completed including:

  • weeding and digging over the ground inside the polytunnel
  • complete the relocation of the path inside the polytunnel
  • carefully remove hedge trimmings from behind polytunnel

The photograph below illustrates the path inside the polytunnel. Work is under way to relocate the pathway and this requires to be completed.

Polytunnel Pathway 16th August 2015

Polytunnel Pathway 16th August 2015

We are still in the holiday season and so some regulars who rarely miss a Tidy Day are enjoying a well-earned break. Also, other regulars will be working on our stall at the Craven Arms Farmers Market.

This makes it essential that many more members step up and make a contribution to the essential communal maintenance of the Community Garden.

As well as contributing to the Community Garden you will have the chance to meet fellow members and we enjoy a mid-morning break with tea and coffee generously provided by the Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre.

The Tidy Days are held on the first Saturday of the month to coincide with the regular Craven Arms Farmers Market event and members are reminded that they are obliged under the terms of the Ground Rules for Plot Holders to contribute time and effort to these monthly Tidy Days.

Tidy Day – June 2015

Members are reminded that the first Saturday of each month from February through October or November is Craven Arms Community Garden Tidy Day and these coincide with the Farmers Market held at the Discovery Centre.

The June 2015 Tidy Day is therefore Saturday 6th June.

The original plan for the tasks included mowing the grassed areas and strimming the edges of the micro-allotment plots. Thanks to the work carried on Thursday 4th June by the West Mercia Community Payback team these tasks have been completed.

That will allow us to focus on:

  • weeding the edges of the communal pathways
  • weeding the communal raised beds
  • any general tidying up that is required

Unfortunately I am not able to attend the Tidy Day On Saturday and so I have contributed several hours this week to the communal maintenance need by turning the compost beds and closing off one bed to prevent further addition of any compostable materials. I’ve also placed laminated warning signs on the particular bed requesting that nothing further is added to the bed.

Please also note that some members of the Community Garden are manning a “Seedy Saturday” stall at the Farmers Market selling plants and produce and so it is even more important that additional members come along to help with the routine maintenance of the communal areas of the Community Garden.

We hope to see many, if not all, members on Saturday 6th June from 10:00 when your valuable contribution to the maintenance of the communal areas of the Community Garden will be greatly appreciated.

In conclusion, the Tidy Day is also an opportunity for members to meet and get to know each other and as a group of members we take a mid-morning break and enjoy some refreshment together provided by the Discovery Centre. There is plenty to see in the Community Garden at the moment in addition to the produce growing in many plots – for example the new polytunnel has been erected and is nearing completion.