New Planter

Here at Craven Arms Community Garden we have been busy on a number of projects aimed at restoring the gardens to their former glory. This post describes work to construct a new planter.

Regular readers will know that we have recently received a grant from Craven Arms Town Council. We are using the grant funds to repair and enhance some of the features of Craven Arms Community Garden, including:

  • restoring pathways to their original condition
  • replacing rotten planters

Two Committee members have constructed a new planter based on a design developed by your Chairman John Wood.

The original planters are showing their age and in some case are completely rotten, as shown in the photograph below:

A photograph of an original planter at Craven Arms Community Garden
An Original CACG Planter

As we took this original planter apart it became evident that the wood was rotten throughout and none could be salvaged.

The photograph below shows the new planter we have constructed:

A photograph of a new planter at Craven Arms Community Garden
A New CACG Planter

This new planter is constructed from treated timber and we’ve used a plastic lining which should give us a longer life than the original planters. We’ve also taken the opportunity to ensure inclusivity and this planter is wheelchair-friendly.

We are extremely grateful to Craven Arms Town Council for providing us with a grant of £800 which allows us to improve the Community Garden and help preserve this facility for current and future plotholders, their families and visitors.