Path Clearance Saturday 4th May 2019

At the CACG AGM held in February 2019 it was agreed that the monthly Tidy Day be moved from Saturdays to Sundays.

Some plot-holders prefer to continue the Tidy Saturdays and that’s absolutely fine. It’s more important that plot-holders make a contribution to the ongoing maintenance than to adhere to any specific day.

One of the tasks that was needed was the clearance of pathways where they had become overgrown with grass and weeds. The long term aim is to restore the surface of the paths and ensure that both the surface and the width (1.2m) are suitable for wheelchair users.

CACG Newly Cleared Pathways

Two plot-holders did a superb job on Saturday with this path clearance and we are very grateful for the effort and success. The photograph above shows the results of this superb effort.