Tidy Sunday June 2019

The next Tidy Sunday is Sunday 2nd June 2019. Please note this date for your diary:

Sunday 2nd June 2019

Some members may prefer to attend on Saturday 1st June and myself and your Chairperson, John Wood, will attend on both Saturday and Sunday

These are the areas and tasks that we plan to focus on:

  • mowing grass
  • strimming grass and pathways
  • path clearance – in the North-West of the garden towards the gate
  • path clearance – in the North-East of the garden towards the gate
  • path clearance – around the central Hornbeam hedge

During the last Tidy Weekend in May, 2 plot-holders made an excellent start on clearing the pathways as described in this blog post. The photograph below shows the “before” and “after” of this pathway clearing.

A photograph that illustrates the before and after of pathway clearing at Craven Arms Community Garden.
CACG Paths Before and After Clearing

When the Community Garden was first constructed the paths were designed to be wheelchair-friendly. Over time grass and weeds have encroached on the edges of the paths and in some places the surface has deteriorated.

We are aiming to restore the pathways to their original condition and ensure that they are both 1.2 m wide and have a surface that is suitable for wheelchair users and the less able.

We are currently seeking grant funding to purchase the requisite surface dressing to restore the paths, but the first step is to remove the growth encroaching on the paths.

Fencing NE Corner – Stage 6

We have a project under way at the moment to repair and replace fences at the North East corner of the Craven Arms Community Garden – as described in an earlier post.

Several plot holders worked on this project during Saturday and Sunday of the recent Early May Bank Holiday weekend.

The photograph below shows progress with fencing and planting of new Blackthorn and Hawthorn hedges by the evening of Saturday 4th May 2019.

CACG Ongoing New Fence Work NE Corner Stage 6

We are also extending an existing gate as a way of enhancing security to combat vandalism and theft of produce, and the photograph below shows the work in progress with the existing gate at the north east corner of the Community Garden.

CACG Work in Progress on NE Gate

There is still some work to complete and if there any other plot-holders who are able to help with this important project we would be very glad to hear from you.

We are very grateful to Euro Quality Foundation who kindly provided the funds to allow this project to be carried out.

Path Clearance Saturday 4th May 2019

At the CACG AGM held in February 2019 it was agreed that the monthly Tidy Day be moved from Saturdays to Sundays.

Some plot-holders prefer to continue the Tidy Saturdays and that’s absolutely fine. It’s more important that plot-holders make a contribution to the ongoing maintenance than to adhere to any specific day.

One of the tasks that was needed was the clearance of pathways where they had become overgrown with grass and weeds. The long term aim is to restore the surface of the paths and ensure that both the surface and the width (1.2m) are suitable for wheelchair users.

CACG Newly Cleared Pathways

Two plot-holders did a superb job on Saturday with this path clearance and we are very grateful for the effort and success. The photograph above shows the results of this superb effort.