Fencing NE Corner – Stage 1

In an earlier post I wrote about the funds we have received from Euro Quality Foundation which we are using to repair and replace fences, gates and hedges at the Craven Arms Community Garden.

These improvements will enhance both the appearance of the Community Garden and also increase security to combat the thefts and damage suffered in recent years.

The photograph below shows the state of disrepair of the fences at the North East corner of the Community Garden.

The fences at the north east corner of the Craven Arms Community Garden March 2019
CACG Fences North East Corner

On the Tidy Sunday yesterday, 7th April 2019, three Plot-Holders of the Community Garden – John Wood, Kevin Roche and Sean Scannell – started work on this project.

The first stage saw the removal of the existing fence and fence posts and preparation of the ground for the installation of new, taller fence posts and new wire fencing.

The photograph below shows the north east corner of the Community Garden after the existing fence had been removed and the ground prepared for new fence posts and fencing

Ground Preparation for the New Fence
Ground Preparation for the New Fence

We are grateful to Euro Quality Foundation who kindly provided the funds to allow this project to be carried out.